My friend ran away to stay with his free-spirited aunt

I have a friend who decided to run away from his parents’ beach house to live with his free-spirited aunt.

She was tired of all the strict rules and didn’t love the fact that his parents wanted his to attend a prestigious school.

She didn’t know love he had to attend school to live a superb life. She said he wanted to live freely and be cheerful with no rules. Well, eventually I started hearing the complaints when he was talking about how the air quality was poor, he couldn’t get a great shower, and the salty ocean air started to frizzle his hair. She stayed with his aunt for a certain amount of time, however when it became too hot, there was no access to an air conditioning system; His aunt basically just left the doors and windows open to know the ocean breeze, my friend decided to go back to his parents’ and apologized. They helped his to get into a superb university and he was cheerful mostly because he was able to live love a normal guy again. She enjoyed the Heating plus Air Conditioning method at the school, and he was able to work a pretty superb task to help his pay for his student loans. She eventually got a entirely superb task and got a great locale to live in that had a superb Heating plus Air Conditioning method to keep his comfortable. She tells me these nights that he doesn’t assume what he was thinking when he ran away to live with his free-spirited aunt. She says the exhausting air quality was awful, and he couldn’t imagine living that way forever.