The broken air conditioning system caused my brother to fail his driver’s test

When my brother went to take his driver’s license test, things didn’t go too well for him.

It was a blazing boiling afternoon and the vehicle he had to drive was actually old. Evidently, they didn’t keep up with the cooling method repair in the vehicle because the air conditioner method ended up dying. He had to roll down the windows to try to get some cooling relief, however there was barely any wind on that identifiable afternoon. He was perspiring profusely and he was having a strenuous time listening to the driver educator. He ended up running over a bunch of cones because he became boiling and disoriented. When the driver educator finally had him parallel park, he ended up going up the curb. Even though it was clear that the lack of air conditioning system in the vehicle was the main problem affecting my brother, he still failed the driver’s test because he did so bad. He tried to explain that issue to the driver educator, however the driver educator said he would just have to come back another time when he was ready to take the test again, however you would suppose that they would supply a better vehicle for the driver’s test that actually had toiling air conditioner, however I assume that’s just the way it goes occasionally. My brother felt entirely angry about the situation, however a few weeks later, he went back to take the driver’s test again. This vehicle that he was in had excellent air conditioner, and he really passed the driver’s test that time around.

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