My amish acquaintance left the amish community

I have a acquaintance who lived in an amish community… She was telling me that they didn’t use any electricity plus heating as well as cooling equipment was strictly forbidden as well as most anything that used electricity, and they had to depend on all the things of the seasoned age like wood burning stoves, fireplaces, as well as candles, then when she came over to visit my house, she was impressed with the air conditioner.

  • She said she never experienced such comfort before, and it was not humid in my condo as well as I consistently loved to crank up the air conditioner especially on a entirely tepid day.

She ended up making excuses to hang out at my apartment all the time, eventually, she got a task against her parents’ will as well as she got her own house where she could use her own electricity as well as especially the Heating, Ventilation & A/C system. She basically gave up residing in the amish community because she enjoyed the heating as well as cooling plan more. She couldn’t believe that she could get warmth from just increasing the temperature control on the wall instead of having to chop firewood for the fireplace. I didn’t know if I should be gleeful for her. I kind of felt guilty having her leave her traditional upbringing. When I told her that, she said that I had nothing to assume guilty for because I was the a single who helped open her eyeah so she could see there was a beautiful life full of technology out there. If the people I was with and I have this technology available, she says there’s no reason the people I was with and I should not be able to use it. I must say, I have to agree with her.

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