Too many visitors in my house

I have been staying apartment a lot due to the new pandemic that the world is facing, but i haven’t felt comfortable leaving my apartment in weeks as well as many of my friends assume the same way! However, I am certainly ready to get back to my normal life as well as I miss seeing people everyday, but so I decided that I was going to have a small get-together at the house.

I had to run my plan by my hubby because I didn’t want him to be uncomfortable with people in the house, but she was certainly happy to see people! I told about 10 people that the two of us wanted to have them over for lunch as well as all the people the two of us invited said they could come.

I know people are just as ready as the two of us are to get back to normal life. However, there was 1 thing I didn’t know of when it came to having people over at the apartment as well as that was the Heating as well as A/C system. I haven’t certainly turned on the Heating as well as A/C system much because the weather outside has been beautiful as well as the two of us didn’t need any a/c to keep cool. However, with all these people in the apartment it started to become warm easily abruptly. I didn’t want our guests to sweat so I went over to the control unit as well as started to blast the air conditioning, but thankfully, no 1 said anything but I do assume prefer I am going to see a little spike in our electric bill next time.

Cooling technician