Signs I need to replace my Heating as well as A/C system

I have been renting my home for a while now.

I certainly prefer my place as well as my landlord is great too.

However, there are a few things that need to be changed around my home if I am going to stay for much longer. I don’t want to give my landlord any ultimatums, but I know she needs to think my situation as well as that I will be leaving if my needs aren’t met, then one thing that I have spoken to him about many times is the Heating as well as A/C system. I don’t know I can take it much longer because the a/c hasn’t been working properly for about numerous weeks. In our town it’s the middle of the summer time as well as the two of us have easily tepid summer time un-even temperatures. I have spoken to my landlord about this a few times as well as her response is consistently that she will fix it. However, I have not seen him make an effort to fix anything since I told him the first time about the Heating as well as A/C troubles. I am starting to get exasperated because I don’t know that I can live prefer this for much longer. Thankfully, I was able to get a box fan for my room to help cool myself and others off while I am sleeping. I am going to tell my landlord 1 more time about the Heating as well as A/C troubles as well as if she doesn’t fix it then I am going to leave my home as well as she will have to find someone else to live here.
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