Broke up with BF, he thought it was because of the HVAC

Isn’t it funny how people can get such silly ideas in their heads? You assume that people can understand your intentions and motivations, but that’s rarely actually the case.

Everyone’s brain works a bit differently, and it’s unrealistic to think that someone understands the mechanisms inside of yours.

This was more obvious than ever when I finally had the big breakup talk with my ex-boyfriend. For weeks, we had simply been ignoring each other. Obviously, something was wrong and it needed to be resolved so we could move forward. However, this decision had absolutely nothing to do with heating and cooling systems. I know, I didn’t see the connection between our failed romantic partnership and indoor air quality control management either. But somehow, the low quality heating and cooling system at his apartment had become inextricably linked to our mutual dissatisfaction in his head. For as long as we have been together, my boyfriend’s apartment had been uncomfortable with stagnant indoor air and low-powered air conditioning. We had discussed the poor airflow in his room and the necessity for a professional HVAC inspection many times before I pulled the trigger and called an HVAC technician out for him. Shortly thereafter, I felt like things just weren’t working and distanced myself. Apparently, in the conversational void, my ex-boyfriend became convinced that the terrible HVAC system was the reason for our recent relationship decline. More specifically, he thought the strapping young HVAC technician who came out to professionally inspect his failing heating and cooling equipment and dirty air duct system was the reason for my sudden disinterest. My decision honestly had nothing to do with the heating and cooling professional… but it was partially due to his off-base paranoia.


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