Looking for shelter in a storm – clearly someone lives here

A lot of people talk about their disdain for dark, dreary days. I have to say, I don’t understand. I feel energized, full of life, and optimistic whenever the sun is covered by thick dark clouds. That’s why, I preferentially choose those days to go out on hiking adventures by myself. I love the scenery after a storm when the trees are especially dark and their leaves look brilliant in the harsh contrast. The only thing is, you have to be careful that the bad weather has actually passed before you hike too far. The other day, I forgot this cardinal rule and got myself lost in the woods before a major storm broke out. Luckily, I happened to find high quality indoor air temperature control and shelter. I was stomping through the woods quickly, realizing that the air felt heavy with moisture and the climate was about to change. I knew I needed to find shelter, so I could stay warm and dry in the coming weather event. Thank god, I stumbled right upon a broken-down looking cabin in the woods. I walked inside and immediately felt relief from the cool, dry indoor air. It felt so nice inside of the cabin compared to the hot and muggy outdoor environment. I sat down and watched the trees sway as the outdoor humidity culminated in a massive thunderstorm. The storm was so loud, I almost didn’t hear the central cooling system kick into gear. Suddenly, I realized that there was cool, expensive artificial air passing through the air vents all around me. I heard the cooling system chugging away outside. At that moment, I realized I actually had a working central cooling system at my disposal… But clearly this wasn’t an abandoned cabin.

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