Medical condition is actually indoor air condition – skin

A few weeks ago I was having a terrible time trying to sleep.

Every night I would wake up desperately clawing and scratching at my face and neck.

They were ridiculously itchy and irritated, despite having the same body lotion and detergent as always. I couldn’t figure out what was going on with my itchy skin and the sudden rash that I had developed for quite a while. Every night I continued to wake up feeling plagued by a mysterious skin condition. It wasn’t until I called out my regular heating and cooling technician that I finally understood what was going on with my inflamed skin. I had noticed that my central heating and cooling system was churning out dank, dirty smelling air. Although I had changed the air filter several times on my own, I didn’t notice a big Improvement in my indoor air fresheners or the energy efficiency of my central heating and cooling system. I knew it was time to call out a professional HVAC for a routine diagnostic appointment with my heating and cooling system. When the technician arrived, he suggested that the air ducts might need to be cleaned. He dismantled one of the air vents and stuck his head up inside of the extensive ductwork. Immediately, he pulled his head back out and informed me that my air ducts were completely filled with mold. He asked if I was having any strange health conditions recently, including respiratory distress or skin irritations. That’s when I realized, my air conditioning system was running at full blast all night long, causing my skin rash and irritation.


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