Disconnecting daughter’s room from central HVAC for smells

Everyone always says that your children’s first five years we’ll go by incredibly fast.

The next thing you know, they will be full-blown teenagers who hate you.

You’ll spend the next ten years dealing with unfathomable emotional responses and hormonal outbursts. I have to say, I truly didn’t believe that this was going to be the case with my daughter. She loved me so much as a child that I couldn’t foresee our relationship degrading during her difficult teenage years. And I was completely wrong. Now that she is a teenager, everyday is a challenge. The smells alone are enough to give me a migraine. You see, my daughter has developed a penchant for pungent, floral, sweet perfumes. She’s continually ruining our indoor air by dousing her bathroom with airborne contamination in the form of cheap colognes. As soon as the smelly indoor air reaches our air return vents, we’re doomed for the central heating and cooling system to disperse the odors throughout the entire house. The poor HVAC system is just doing its job, efficiently transferring air throughout the entire house. Unfortunately, it results in lower quality indoor air and respiratory distress for those of us who are sensitive to airborne toxins. I grew so tired of developing painful migraines and allergy symptoms because of her cheap attempts at air fresheners that I eventually called out an HVAC technician for help. I had her room detached from the central heating and cooling system and we installed a mini split ductless heating and cooling unit instead. Now, she can stink up her room as much as she wants and the rest of us don’t have to suffer.