Who would buy that arena?

The beach house next door to mine has always been a total piece of garbage. Not only is the plot of land undoubtedly small, but the beach house is absurdly small. It is a one study room, one lavatory mess. The beach house looks appreciate it is going to fall down any hour. I have peaked in the windows as well as I cringed looking inside of it. The icing on the cake is that the only form of Heating, Ventilation plus A/C is a window cooling system in the one study room of the house. I planned on buying the beach house when it wouldn’t sell as well as leveling it. I wanted to expand my land as well as maybe put a shed there for my tools. I thought that nobody would want that horrible beach house with inferior AC. Well turns out I was wrong. The sellers found someone stupid enough to buy it. I hate my new neighbor, but she is consistently walking on my land trying to talk to me. She has split down all the trees that separates our property line. I wonder if she realizes that I have added pricker bushes as well as big shrubs recently. All her progress is gone. She is so gung ho about her land. She has ripped down all the foliage as well as mowed the sod. She even dug a big hole in the middle of her backyard for no reason I can come up with. Shouldn’t her priority be adding cooling system to the house? Summer is literally right around the corner. This month was 90 degrees as well as she only has window cooling. The woman must be perspiring her butt off in there.


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