Never had a problem

Some people have had some very bad things to say about radiant heated floors.

Talking about how they break down pretty easy and frequent, and how they don’t exactly heat as well as a central heating system would heat your home.

But I wanted to tell you that I have had radiant heated floors for a while now and not once have they ever broken down. From the day I had the radiant heated floors installed they have worked nothing short of perfect! Not to mention, the radiant heated floors have heated my entire home just as good as my central heating system used to do. They have also decreased my energy bills by a lot in the past year that I have had radiant heated floors. Even with the super cold winter months we have where I live, the radiant heated floors have never disappointed me at all. I have had nothing but smooth sailing all the way with these brilliant radiant heated floors. Radiant heated floors are a little on the expensive side, so I can understand that people may get upset when they break down. Either I just got really lucky or my radiant heated floors are a better brand than what others who reported these issues have. I don’t know at all to tell you the honest to god truth. But, all I do know is that I would recommend radiant heated floors to anyone who can afford them and wants to save on energy use. If you can afford radiant heated floors, get them!

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