New home, new HVAC

I just bought a new home after living in my previous home for almost 30 years.

  • I felt it was time for a change in both the area I live in and the type of house I had.

When i bought the new house and moved, I wanted to make one other change as well. And that was to get a brand new central heating and air conditioning system. The previous central heating and air conditioning system I had was outdated and was starting to die. It was having a lot of problems pumping out the proper air flow and it was becoming a regular thing of having to call the local heating and cooling company to send out a certified heating and air conditioning specialist to do some kind of HVAC repair at least once every 4 months or so. It was really getting ridiculous! So it was for sure time to make a change! I researched what the best and most up to date brand of central HVAC system was the best possible today. And that was the central heating and air conditioning unit I chose to purchase. I had the central heating and air conditioning system installed about 2 weeks before I actually moved into my new home. Because I did not want to be without heating and cooling when I moved in. It was the time of year where it was very hot in the day and got chilly at night. So I would need to use both the heating and the air conditioning system!

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