I prefer working out at the gym

I have a home gym set up.

Buying all that workout equipment was a huge investment.

I was a little worried that I’d wasted my money. I could always go to a gym and use their equipment. However, it’s really handy to have access to workout gear whenever I have the opportunity to exercise. Plus, my wife and my teenage sons use the equipment as well. I am not always motivated to work out at home. There is something I really enjoy about being in a gym and the atmosphere. Seeing others working out around me motivates me to work harder and longer. I pay for a gym membership even though I have all that equipment at home. I do the majority of my working out at the gym. My wife thinks it’s silly that I’d rather get in the car and drive twenty minutes to lift weights when there’s a full set available in the basement. She says that I am wasting money on a gym membership. She points out how much money I spent on outfitting the home gym. I bought mats, dumbbells, weighted balls, a weight bench, resistance bands, jump ropes, a treadmill and an elliptical. I try to explain but my wife prefers the privacy of working out at home. She likes that it saves her time and she doesn’t need to worry about how she’s dressed. Then she can hop into her own shower. I value my gym membership because of the wide range of equipment, the camaraderie and the motivation. Once I’ve driven to the gym, I am more likely to spend over an hour working out. I definitely get a better workout. Now and then, I will still make use of the equipment at home. It’s nice to have it available when I only have a few minutes or don’t feel like making the drive to the gym.

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