My son wants to be an HVAC technician when he grows up.

My oldest son’s school had career day last week where they had professionals come in and talk to the children. My son came home excited about a career he learned about. My son has decided that he wants to become an HVAC technician. He was really impressed by the HVAC technician that spoke at his school. This really piqued my interest. My son is good with his hands and can fix a lot of things. He is also polite and respectful and responsible for his age. I thought he might make a good HVAC technician some day. My son told me that he would need to go to trade school to take HVAC training and certification courses for about two years and I thought that was a great idea. State grants would help pay for that and I wouldn’t have to take out student loans for him. He would have to serve an HVAC apprenticeship for a while before he could take on a lot of responsibility but I think my son would do well. He is great at following directions.And when I found out how much money an HVAC technician made, I was ready to become an HVAC technician myself! HVAC technicians make more money than a lot of people with four year degrees. Not to mention the benefits. And the career growth. There will always be a need for HVAC technicians. My son has a few years to really decide and he might change his mind, but it’s nice to know he’s planning for his future and thinking in the right direction.


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