My child is looking to be a Heating and A/C professional when she grows up

My oldest daughter’s school had a career day this past week where they had professionals come in and talk to the children… My child came back to the household happy about a career she learned about.

My child has made the choice that she wants to become a Heating and A/C professional.

She was really impressed by the Heating and A/C professional that spoke at her school! This really piqued my interest. My child is pretty good with her hands and can service a great deal of things. She is also polite and respectful and responsible for her age. I was thinking she might make a wonderful Heating and A/C professional some day. My child told me that she would need to go to trade university to take Heating and A/C training and certification courses for roughly two years and I thought that was a wonderful idea. State grants would help cover the cost for that and I wouldn’t have to take out student loans for her. She would have to serve a Heating and A/C apprenticeship for a while before she could take on a great deal of responsibility but I feel that my child would do well. She is wonderful at following directions. And when I found out how much money a Heating and A/C professional made, I was ready to become a Heating and A/C professional myself! Heating and A/C professionals make more money than a lot of people with different degrees, and not to mention the benefits! And the work growth. There will consistently be a need for Heating and A/C device professionals. My child has a couple of years to really decide and she might change her mind, but it’s nice to know she’s planning for her future and considering the best direction.

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