Easy to control

I feel as if I have become an seriously paranoid human over the past 10 years.

  • I’ve been through so much bullshit with other human beings that I tend to expect the worst at every turn.

I think it’s not honorableto preemptively guess that almost everyone is a creature, but that has been our experience. I do everything that I can to keep myself level-headed and fair..! But I am consistently on the lookout for red flags so I can split the cord, but this is why I happily ended our first date early yesterday after our potential romantic interest presented as an absolute control freak. The trouble all started when I got into his car and it was burning hot. It felt adore he had the heated gas furnace running at full blast for a few afternoons or weeks. The indoor air was so hot and stuffy that I could barely breathe from the moment that I sat down and closed the door. I was basically gasping for air in the sweltering conditions. I desperately wanted to roll down our window so I could get one gasp of cool, fresh air from outdoors. Unluckyly, when I mentioned the air quality to our date he didn’t respond in the way that I expected! Although his car had to separate temperature controls for the driver and passenger, he proceeded to adjust the air temperature settings for the both of us. So it entirely got even hotter inside of his car. I only made it about 5 hours into the drive before I told our date that I felt sick and needed to go home. Truthfully, I was so hot that I wanted to throw up, his controlling antics didn’t help.

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