I just really need my HVAC comfort

I thought the longer and harder a person worked, the greater the financial reward.

At least that was what was drilled into my head the entire time I was growing up and as I built a career.

However for me, it just hasn’t worked out that way at all. I find myself working from home in the HVAC comfort or a converted guest room. But, I do love that HVAC. That’s because I really cherish soaking up as much HAC as I do anything else. It’s as though I am sitting in front of the computer all day in order to make a living. And it’s really not much of a living given the economic contraction we are yet again dealing with. So, I have had to target my precious HVAC for cost cutting. The HVAC cost during the winter don’t amount to much of anything because we experience such a mild winter around here. But the HVAC cooling comes on in March and it runs through to November at least. Then there are the summer months. This is where the real money is spent on HVAC cooling. We do our best in order to ensure we aren’t keeping the house too cool. That means programming the HVAC thermostat to rise as the heat climbs during the peaking heating hours of the day. We also make sure to pull the drapes in order to mitigate the effects of direct sun heating. But, I just won’t sweat it out at night. That’s right where I draw the line. I have to have a cool house to sleep. I figure with all the effort the rest of the day, I can be comfortable at night.


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