It’s nice being in the residential repair industry

I got a new heating and cooling machine installed by my neighbor not so long ago! My neighbor and I were both in the residence service industry! I have tested heaters, plumbing systems, electrical wiring and roofs.

I was just getting into air conditioner machine upgrades or Heating and Air Conditioning.

My neighbor was new in the Heating and Air Conditioning trade also and we got to work installing. I was going to upgrade the HVAC machine in our residence for the summer season just to be safe and sure everything was gonna be totally cool. I was a little apprehensive at first to let Bob work on our air conditioner machine, however he convinced me. The real issue is Bob went out of the neighborhood and I had to call someone else to come fix the air conditioner machine. Three days after the Heating and Air Conditioning machine was installed, my lady’s kids were at the residence and said the system went out. A brand new air conditioner machine should not go out, and my neighbor Bob was out of the neighborhood for the weekend and told me I would have to wait. This was scary and I decided instead of paying or waiting, I would fix the air conditioner machine myself. Heating and cooling was my work after all. It took me about 8 hours. I got the residence cool for the kids and reminded my neighbor he needed practice. Bob said he would make it up to me or pay for my option of the garbage bill we decided to split. I’m just ecstatic it wasn’t the frosty season and we easily weren’t without heat in the middle of a terrible snow storm. Heating and cooling isn’t straight-forward however it’s certainly vital and is a highly sought out luxury. The next time I would have to fix our home’s Heating and Air Conditioning machine, I’m going to be much more skilled at fixing air conditioner machines.



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