Importance of drinking water

I am really bad about drinking proper amounts of water. If I am going to fly on an airplane, I will forgo drinking so I don’t have to use the bathroom. Long road trips I strategically dehydrate myself to limit the amount of stops. I find it tedious and gross drinking water. I mainly drink tea and juice if I think of it, which isn’t often. Because I don’t hydrate well, I frequently get sick. It isn’t abnormal for me to get a splitting headache and have to lie down. I also have passed out before and vomited due to not enough liquid. My kids get on me, and after reading about drinking water online, I am determined to take their advice. I am big on fitness and trying to lose weight. I go to a personal training center five days a week. At first I saw a lot of progress, but now that is quite stagnant. When I started reading about the benefits of water online, I found it is linked to weight loss. That is right, drinking more water is not only healthier for the body, but it can help you lose weight. Drinking cold water means your body needs to work to heat it up. There is a theory that as the body works to boost the temperature in your body, it also increases metabolism. A lot of people think they are hungry, but really are just thirsty. You can trick your body by drinking water instead of eating. Studies have shown drinking a glass of water with a meal increases digestion, decreases appetite and boost your metabolism.


Personal Fitness Expert