The first warm day isn’t going well

This month was the first sizzling day of the whole entire year; This Wintertime was an especially chilly Wintertime too, and every one of us quickly ran the oil furnace from the end of October until the end March non stop, for the past month or so the two of us have turned on the oil furnace only at evening, but today, the two of us absolutely felt that we needed air conditioner.

I like to get Heating and A/C maintenance done before I ever use it for the first time in a year.

I as if to make sure everything is all oiled up and running smoothly and cleanly before I ask a lot of our Heating and A/C system! Of course, I haven’t done that yet this past year. I was planning to have the air conditioner inspected next week. That is usually whenever the sizzling weather hits us. But today was super hot, but yesterday the two of us had a daily high of 60 degrees. This month the two of us had a high of 87; What a difference! I decided it likely wouldn’t hurt if I turned on the air conditioner today; After all, the two of us take great care of our Heating and A/C plan so it should be fine, right? Wrong. That turned out to be a mistake. I could tell something was wrong within minutes of turning on the air conditioner. The air honestly didn’t get cold. I left it on for more than 2 more minutes but it never cooled down. Eventually, I went back and turned the air conditioner back off and called up our Heating and A/C professionals. They were literally backed up with calls. I recognize almost everyone was having problems after quickly turning their air conditioners on for the first time this year.

Heat pump maintenance