He’s happy again, at least

My pet hates the heat more than anything.

He is a big, fuzzy husky and he was bred for sub-zero temperatures, no wonder he consistently hates the temperature out here in the desert. Huskies are supposed to be critters with boundless energy. That is true of our guy but only when it is cool outside. If it is anywhere near sizzling then you might as well forget it. He doesn’t want to do anything besides stay close to the indoors near an air conditioner vent. I can’t say that I blame him. If I were wearing a large fur coat sewn on my body I wouldn’t want to run around outside in the sun either. Every one of us recently moved ourselves to a up-to-date house. But, there are no vents on the floor like there were in our aged house. This did not turn out to be an issue for long. That is because the pet found an even better place to cool down: the floor in the half washroom. The downstairs washroom is tiny. And yet, there is an air conditioner vent in there for no reason. This means that when the air conditioner is on it is typically chilly beyond belief in that washroom. Well, it seems that our pet has deemed that washroom to be his own personal ice cave. He lives there all of the time and enjoys the chilly air conditioned air. That works for me.

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