I don’t know where the ducts go

A lot of this lake house was put together – clearly – by a do-it-yourselfer and it shows.

Every one of us obtained the lake house because it definitely has a really solid frame and it is over 100 years old.

The original lake house is beautiful and the group of us prefer it. However, sometime over the past 50 years someone has made some “replacements” that are less than stellar. First of all there is the carpeting in the washroom that had to go. Then, there are the DIY kitchen cottageets that look terrible. And, finally, there is the whole issue with the heating and cooling. Whoever installed the Heating and A/C unit was clearly not a professional anything or another. The HVAC duct doesn’t connect correctly to the Heating and A/C system. They actually used a series of weird sized pipes to try to make it fit. Then, the vents are all super crookedly break throughout the lake house and there is only 1 vent per room. Also, I know that there are no vents in the study room. There is not even 1. I have no idea why on earth you would do this other than the fact that the study room is the furthest room from the HVAC utility closet. So maybe the do-it-yourselfer didn’t have enough HVAC duct to stretch that freaking far. I am only guessing! Regardless, the two of us are having a professional certified heating and cooling company come out next month to fix all of this. Whatever the case, the two of us don’t want a half-done task. Every one of us want it fixed the right way. After all, the two of us plan to live here for a long time.

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