Let me off the lease

I really hate our property owners that I rent from.

They are terrible, penny pinching people.

And, recently, I found out that they are highly dishonest too. When I first moved into this rental apartment the two of us did a walk through all together and I noted all of the concerns that the lake house had prior to our moving in. The largest issue at that point that I saw was that the vents for the Heating and A/C plan were so rusty that rust was quite literally running down the wall. I noted this in our report and the two of us both signed off on the damage walk through. Now, 4 weeks later, the Heating and A/C plan has stopped working. I told our current property owners and they are trying to make myself and others pay for it. When I brought up the ongoing concerns on the walk through they claimed that there were no concerns. Then they stupidly sent myself and others a clean, signed walkthrough list. I can’t know it! Thank God at the time I kept a copy of our real walkthrough that shows all of the concerns with the house. I bet I stupidly end up needing it in court sooner rather than later because I am not going to be paying to professionally fix the Heating and A/C system. That is their task. If they don’t do it, then I will have clear grounds to break our lease. I am absolutely hoping that they don’t fix the Heating and A/C system. I really want to break our lease and find a better apartment anywhere else.

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