Guitar collection needs good air quality

My brother is an odd soul. He is a music lover and has an extensive guitar collection. There are ancient guitars, banjos, citars, ukuleles and tons of other stringed instruments. My brother decided that he was going to be a free, hippie like spirit and go backpacking with little possessions. He decided to fund his trip and sell his whole collection. It killed me but I bought the entire collection since I figured he would want it back someday. I am glad I have it all and would do it again. However, I didn’t realize the amount of care and upkeep guitars have. Apparently I need to get someone to tune the instruments frequently. I also need to ensure they are kept clean and the air quality is perfect. Yes, I had to invest in a separate HVAC system and air quality equipment for the guitar collection. Too much moisture in the air quality causes wood to swell and warp. Not enough moisture can cause wood to split and electronics to fry. So I had to get a ductless HVAC unit with both a humidifier and dehumidifier. I am like a mad scientist constantly checking my indoor air conditions. The only thing worse than my brother not getting his collection back is getting it back in inferior condition. I have been on it with keeping the HVAC equipment in good shape so that there is never a day where the guitars suffer. With all of this money invested, you would think I play. Nope, the guitar room is merely my showpiece room.



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