Learning how to be a responsible homeowner

I don’t really know what I was thinking when I first bought a home, I thought any problems would easily present themselves.

Well, they presented themselves alright starting with the plumbing. Suddenly all the pipes in the house were becoming backed up and I didn’t understand what the problem was. Eventually I called out a plumber and he was able to locate the main drain and showed us how clogged up it was. Fortunately, the man had a nifty tool that was designed to take out the clog, and it was great to have our plumbing back in order. The only thing I wasn’t too thrilled about was the expensive price to have that little job taken care of. I realized that moving forward, I would save big money taking care of an issue like that on my own. Then I had issues with my HVAC system. I was changing the air filters, but I wasn’t getting regular maintenance and tune-ups through the HVAC professionals. When I finally reached out to the HVAC professionals, they were able to provide me with the assistance that I needed. They looked everything over thoroughly, even the thermostat. They discovered numerous worn parts in the HVAC unit and the outdoor condenser was rather clogged up and dirty. These things are what I never noticed before, but it made me pay closer attention to everything. It was expensive to have everything repaired, but at least I knew to keep the components clean and call the HVAC professionals for regular maintenance after that. And next on my list of household problems to take care of, the leaking roof…

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