I needed help figuring out my new smart thermostat

When I called up the HVAC company the other day, I just wanted to understand how to use my new smart thermostat. The HVAC professional didn’t really take the time to explain how to use the thing, and he seemed like he was in a rush. He told me it was easy, to just download the app on my phone and then I would be good to go. Well, I wasn’t even able to find the app that he was talking about and I was feeling confused. I tried reading the manual but I still felt confused about everything even after all that. When I was speaking to an HVAC rep on the phone, they were trying to help me but I just wasn’t comprehending. They said I had to search on my phone for a certain HVAC app to control the smart thermostat. I was about ready to give up and just use the smart thermostat manually, but then the HVAC rep said they would have an HVAC professional come out if I wished. I thought about the last HVAC professional who didn’t seem to care, and I was hesitant. I decided it couldn’t hurt and before I knew it I had the HVAC profesional showing me exactly how to install the smart app and how to connect everything to my WIFI network. It really was easy after the guy showed me how to do everything. I really appreciate that he helped me with setting up the geofencing which makes it so my HVAC system goes to minimal settings every time I leave the house. It’s a beautiful thing and saves me tons on the energy bills.


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