Taking the train in the summer

Every summer I end up taking the train to work.

This is because my wife needs our one and only car to get to her seasonal job she takes that time of the year.

And I have to tell you, that I do actually like taking the train. The reason for this is because the train has really good top quality central air conditioning! Most trains have weak or lousy air conditioning because we deal with a lot of heat here this time of the year. However, the train that runs by my local area into the city has their a/c working nicely. From what I understand, they stay on top of it and make sure they have the best possible HVAC equipment on the market for moving public transportation. If only the buses would take notice to this. Buses have some of the most horrible central air conditioning in the summer time months of the year. But this train that I take is nothing short of being awesome and a joy to ride and relax on. Who wants to go to work feeling like they just ran a marathon? I sure wouldn’t! I feel for those who have to take other kinds of public transportation to work with awful air conditioning this time of the year. I can only imagine how they must feel. I know I would not be able to deal with it, that is for sure. I would have just invested in another car if the HVAC system on the train wasn’t so perfect all together.