Got a good feeling

I recently just changed private HVAC contractors. The heating and air conditioning specialist I had been using for years just retired so I had to find a new one. And the new one I chose I have a really good feeling about. So far I have used this new heating and air conditioning contractor 3 times and every single time they showed up right as scheduled, they were prompt in their work and not to mention, they got the job done without any major headaches happening. This heating and air conditioning contractor is on the younger side, so that worried me at first. But I chose them anyway because they had great reviews on the internet. If they were not that good, there would not have been over two hundred and five great solid 5 star reviews. And now I see why the reviews are so great. This young guy is also very friendly. Which is something you do not see too often with HVAC workers this day in age. Most of them are either too serious, grumpy or just generally robotic. This is most likely due to having worked for years in the heating and air conditioning business or the fact that they are unhappy with the heating and air conditioning company they work for. I’ve seen it time and time again over the years. My old HVAC contractor though was pretty nice up until the last few months. Could tell he was worn out and overtired all the time. I’m glad he retired, he well deserves it!

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