It just got better

I was pretty shocked when I went out and bought a portable space heater for my bedroom last winter.

I had portable space heaters around me growing up and they were nowhere near as powerful as these new space heaters today are! Back when, the portable space heaters were made of metal and sometimes not so portable.

While today, the portable space heaters are made of some kind of heat resistant plastic, very lightweight, and wow, can they heat up a large bedroom in minutes! The heat from the new portable space heater I bought is so powerful, you really have to be careful on where you set the little dial thermostat that is on the front of it. When I first bought this portable space heater, the very first night I used it I nearly killed myself. I woke up feeling like I was in Arizona in the dead middle of summer outside in the blazing sun! I had the portable space heater set on 72 degrees and the thing heated up my room to almost one hundred! At least that is what it felt like. I found that because these portable space heaters today are so powerful, the best way to use them is to turn them on full blast for 3 mins to heat the room up. Then turn it off for a while, then turn the portable space heater back on and set the side thermostat no higher than 60 degrees. This will believe it or not get the room to just the right temperature on a cold winter day or night to around a perfect 74 degrees.



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