I love the new HVAC in this home

The other month my utility bill was the lowest it has been in roughly 2 years… I kid you not, it has been that long since I paid so little cash for my electricity & water. This happened not because the rates were lowered (haha, like the fat cats would ever lower the price of utilities) however because I moved into a nicer household. To me it seemed counterintuitive, that a larger household with more rooms, & twice as many doors & windows, would have not just lower energy bills, however seriously lower bills. It’s not like I haven’t been running the a/c device every single day since I moved in, either. I keep my temperature control set at 76 degrees, just like I regularly do. The difference is I now have a superior, more efficient system. Then I learned something that kind of blew my mind. Because my wife informed me that both of us had a second air conditioning appliance in the crawlspace over our living room. In this dwelling they converted a 2 vehicle garage into a master living room & bath, & they had also installed its own dedicated a/c appliance. The realtor had never mentioned two Heating & Air Conditioning systems during the entire buying process. This is insane to me, because how can a power bill be so rock-bottom low with two different a/c appliances laboring? This goes to show you how efficient modern day Heating & Air Conditioning tech is becoming, because this household is constantly perfectly cool, even though the a/cs don’t operate for undoubtedly long. Maybe it’s fantastic insulation, however it sure saves currency!


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