The HVAC machine is highly energy efficient

Last month my utility bill was the lowest it has been in multiple years.

I am not yanking your chain, it has been that long since I paid so little for my electricity and water services! This happened not because the rates were lowered (haha, like the fat cats would ever lower the price of utilities) but because I moved into a nicer residence. To me it truly seemed counterintuitive, that a greater sized house with more rooms, and twice as many doors and windows, would have not just lower utility bills, but incredibly lower bills. It’s not like I haven’t been running the a/c machine every single day since I moved in, either. I keep my thermostat set at 75 degrees, just like I always do. The difference is I now have a superior, more efficient HVAC machine. Then I managed to learn something that kind of stunned me. My wife informed me that both of us had another cooling machine in the crawlspace over our living room space. In this residence they converted a motorcar garage into a living room space and bath, and they had also installed its own dedicated cooling machine. The realtor had never mentioned having more than one Heating plus Air Conditioning machine while in the entire buying process. This is very shocking to me, because how can a power bill be so low with many cooling machines working? This goes to show you how efficient Heating plus Air Conditioning tech is these days, because this residence is always perfectly cool, even though the cooling machines don’t run for absolutely long… Maybe it’s fantastic insulation, but it sure saves currency?

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