I met somebody really smart and cool at the party

I wasn’t even able to go visit my family during winter break.

  • I wanted to enjoy the holidays with friends and loved ones, but I had too much going on with school.

I was so behind on too many projects and I needed all the time to catch up with everything. I was pretty stressed in my little apartment, but at least my new friends came over to cheer me up. They asked why I wasn’t going to any of the holiday parties, and I just said that I was too busy. Everybody laughed and said that I was definitely coming with them to one of the holiday parties in the area. I decided to take my work with me hoping that I would be able to get something done, even with a party happening around me. My friends frowned at the idea of trying to do work at a party, but they shrugged it off. The music was extremely loud, but at least the temperature control settings were alright with the HVAC system. I decided to relax near the fireplace and started working on one of my assignments. It was interesting because a nice young lady came to help me out with a problem I was having trouble with. She pointed out a few things that I should have noticed, but I didn’t. I thanked her for helping and it was crazy when I ended up at her place. She said she would help me whenever I was struggling with my work whenever I wanted, and I was thankful for that. It was also nice relaxing in front of the fireplace in her home, I didn’t have anything nice like that back at my apartment.

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