I couldn't believe it when I saw our seats at the football game

When my buddy got us tickets for a local football game, I was very excited.

The thing is, I didn’t realize he went all out and got us VIP box seats! These seats give you a fantastic view of the game and with climate control! Seriously, when we stepped into the box seat venue and I felt that A/C cranking away, I knew that this was going to be an unforgettable game.

There was also a mini bar where we could get beer and even take shots! The game was going great for the first half, but I honestly was starting to feel a little too frosty because the A/C was cranked up so high. When I went to the thermostat to have a look, it was showing 65 degrees but was a little too frigid for my taste. It felt great at first because it was such a hot day, but even the other guys agreed that it was a little too frosty. I adjusted the temperature control to a more reasonable level and everybody appreciated it. The final half of the game was intense and we practically were going into overtime when the other team was kicking a field goal to tie the game. But fortunately, they missed! Everybody was cheering like crazy and it was fantastic that our defense really played hard during that final drive where we very well could have lost the game. I was hoping our defense could prevent them from getting into field goal range but one of their RBs took it for a 15 yard run. It took a lot for us to eventually stop them at 4th and 4 at our 24 yard line.

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