It was feeling especially overheated during Thanksgiving this year

When we went to have Thanksgiving at my grandmother’s house this year, the temperature control settings seemed to be insane.

The gas furnace seemed to be working overtime, but I also thought it was probably because so many family members were there.

I was able to talk with numerous cousins, aunts and uncles. I asked my grandmother about the temperature control settings and she said it felt just fine in the house. She actually thought it was a little bit chilly, and I thought that was crazy. Of course, she is pretty old in age these days and perhaps she feels a lot colder these days. I was talking with some of my cousins about the potential for converting the HVAC system into a zoned HVAC. With numerous zones in the household, many of us would be able to escape to the rooms with more enjoyable temperature control settings, instead of feeling like you’re eating food inside of a gas furnace. We all said that we would put our money together and then before coming back for a major event, we would have the HVAC upgrade to HVAC zone control. Some of our aunts and uncles overheard us talking about that and they said they would pitch in too! I think most of the people at the Thanksgiving dinner this year thought it was a little too overheated, that’s why I saw so many people going outside so often even though it was chilly outside. They needed whatever excuse they could come up with to escape the heat, and I was doing the same thing! I believe I ate most of my food outside on the back porch with some of my cousins.


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