The intern and a broken down electric heat pump

I was once an intern of a very demanding boss.

The heatwave was hitting pretty hard and on this day it was particularly bad, the office felt like an oven.

The boss had had enough and he stormed out of the office telling no one in particular that if we did not check what was the matter with the central heater someone would lose their job. This had everyone in a frenzy and being the only intern I was chosen to oversee that everything was in order before the boss returned the following day. I immediately made a call to the local service provider to get a hold of any heating contractor who would fix the electric heating system. From all the calls I made it seemed that every heating technician was out on a house call attending to a whole-home heating system. Just when I was about to lose hope I got a call back from a heating contractor who said he would be at the office in an hour. He was very punctual and after inspecting the electric heat pump it turned out that the unit needed a furnace heater repair and after some time had passed the office was back into bearable conditions. That day’s ordeal had me calling the same serviceman to schedule a furnace/heater tune-up for the unit back home. I had radiant floor heating which I easily turned off during such times of the year from the digital thermostat of the main system. The zone control system also made it easier in terms of temperature control, to set and make changes to the heating and cooling system in the house.
electric heating system