The HVAC witness helped us figure out the fire cause

Growing up my parents noticed that I was different from other children.

I would pay more attention to the details of anything more than the actual object or situation.

However when I grew up, I took up forensics as my profession and I legitimately loved it! At the job, every day was completely different. It felt good to know that I was contributing to making the world a better place by locking away criminals. I remember a case that I took care of that involved a burned-down home and law enforcement thought that there was a high possibility that an arsonist had caused the fire! The only witness was a heating company who worked as the local service provider for the area. According to the witness, the heating servicemen were called to the home to run a quality furnace/heater tune-up on the electric heating plan that included the electric heat pump and the radiant floor heating on the first floor of the house. The client complained of the reduced indoor comfort and the digital control device had also started acting up. The tech team got to the home and was shown where the systems were located. They started by doing a full sweep of the central furnace then identified the parts that needed gas furnace/heater repair. As they changed the worn-out parts of the unit, they must have nicked a wire that caused a spark. Very soon after, the whole-new home heating started burning. It seems that the client had not followed the energy-saving tips suggested by the experts. When the client was incorporating the zone control he had failed to report an issue with the temperature control which eventually caused the fire. It turns out that he wanted the insurance payout.

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