We wanted to have better air quality in our beach house

We bruised our ankles when we were scrubbing the air ducts in our beach house a few days back.

  • It’s a new year.

We knew that we wanted to get our indoor air conditions up to speed inside of our home. We’d been studying about how having clean air ducts can really help you with your indoor air conditions, so we decided that we wanted to have clean air ducts too. However, we had no intention of paying a professional Heating and A/C technician to come and do the air duct cleaning for us. In our minds, we were going to clean our air ducts ourselves. However, when it comes right down to it, cleaning air ducts is not really a do-it-yourself kind of task. This is a lesson we came to learn at a big personal cost after we had already started trying to do that air duct cleaning ourselves. Little did we know that it requires particular sorts of tools such as high powered vacuums and unusual types of rotary brushes none of which we had lying around the house. It’s just so much easier for a professional working for an AC corporation to do this since they always have the respected style of tools with them. Anyway, while we were trying to save about $350 on air duct cleaning, we ended up tripping over the vacuum cord while we were on the ladder in the upstairs hallway and bruised our ankles. What a pain this whole experience has turned out to be for us. We swore from that experience to leave all the air conditioning servicing to the professionals.

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