Sundays Are Good Days for Loafing Around in Slippers

I feel like cooking a good meal today.

I am thinking of making some kind of turkey vegetable soup with rice.

I think I have all of the ingredients in my house already so what am I waiting for? Actually, I am waiting for my new pet cat to be delivered. I thought it was going to be a girl but it is a boy and my name Kat may not be too fitting. Or does it really matter what name you give the cat? My mom’s name is Katherine and I wanted to name it after her. I got some energy saving tips the other day from my friend since I will be spending some money on this cat and need to cut costs with my monthly spending. I will though be getting a nice chunk of money soon from my dad’s will so that will make things easier, although I’d give it all back and then some to have my dad for another year. He was a local general contractor in my city and built and bought a bunch of houses over his 50 career. I think he has 25 houses so we will get a huge chunk of money when my stepmom passes away. I still plan to work regularly and am actually thinking of getting a job at the HVAC store down the street for something to do. I have experience with that kind of stuff since I had worked for my father since I was a teenager. I even know how to charge an air conditioner by myself. Thanks dad, I love you.

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