I regularly clean out my air sanitizing equipment

The nights whiz by like pages in a book it seems.

I think the older I get the faster they are going.

Why is this? Is it that our body clock slows down as all of us age yet time continues along at the same pace, giving us the perception that it is going by faster? I’m not sure of the answer to that, although I do know that the older I get the more I realize that I need to just like the ride and not worry so much. I like to meditate, it seems to relax me and put everything in perspective. Like the time our a/c stopped now working in the dead of summer. I could have gotten all concerned and mad which would not make things any easier. Instead I just relaxed and turned on some fans in our beach beach house and stayed cool until the heating and air conditioning maintenance guy came out the next day and fixed it. Conflicts are what make life interesting and fun so I have l received to accept them with open arms. I just cleaned our HEPA filter today for the first time in more than one weeks and it was very dirty. Every one of us must have a lot of dust in this neighborhood because even with our windows closed there is still a lot of dust inside. I think I may get a single of those ionizer genre air filter systems to help keep the air scrub in our beach house and not rely so much on running the central air system so much, then it should surely save me a few bucks.

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