HVAC to keep me good and cozy

My wife is perhaps the coldest natured human being I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.

  • It’s almost strange.

Alright, maybe that is a bit of a stretch. But, this girl also has no middle ground when it comes to temperature. She’s always cold until she’s not and then she can’t cool down quick enough. Something is way off with her internal thermostat. She sure is murder on our actual HVAC thermostat. I don’t understand why this temperature thing is always inside. Outdoors, she is much better equipped to handle the range of temperature. This seems completely opposite. A hike is chock full of layers of clothes coming off and then going back on. But inside the house, it’s a very different story. She is forever at the thermostat attempting to make small adjustments to the temperature. I even called the HVAC guy to see if he had any ideas. Our HVAC system was getting pummeled with all the up and down. He suggested modifying our existing heating and cooling idea to a zone controlled system. With a series of duct valves and electric dampers, our HVAC can be sectioned off. Each zone then has it’s own different thermostat which can be managed independent of the rest of the house. The heating and cooling tech stated it wasn’t too expensive, He could also complete the work in less than an day. I took him up on it. And sure enough, the HVAC tech was right on the money. The zone controlled HVAC is excellent. I like that my wife can now micro manage the thermostat in the room she’s in only. I love that girl. I just hope her internal thermostat doesn’t get worse with age. I’m not sure there would be enough zones to cover that eventuality.


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