I hate the moving process

There just aren’t a great deal of situations I hate as much as I hate moving.

  • There was an article once which stated that moving was as stressful as going through a divorce.

I hope not to find out if that is true. But, I am certain that moving is just the biggest of headaches. Unfortunately, I am too cheap to pay for movers. So, it falls to me to run that show. I’m lucky if one of my buddies pitches in to help. I’m still in the process of moving from the South to the North and finding a respected HVAC company is a high priority. Our new house came equipped with a gas furnace. I grew up in the South and we live on heat pumps. I don’t know anything at all about gas furnaces. This is why it’s important to find the right heating and cooling professionals. By the time we moved in, Fall is upon us. I will need to be sure to have the furnace maintained before soon. The first guy I called showed up in an old beater truck. He slid out of that truck just completely covered in a thick grime of some sort. This dude then thought he was coming in my new home with his filthy boots while pounding what could only be some sort of sandwich. I thanked him and turned him around from the front porch. Fortunately, the next HVAC pro to show up was in much, much better shape. He asked excellent questions, seemed very organized and was neat and clean. It was an easy choice. At least that is one thing I can check off the list.

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