HVAC units are going to be in our future

Surely, you wouldn’t want to give up food in order to not have a personal HVAC unit

I know that there has been some speculation recently that we might eventually live in an era that does not have HVAC units, but I sincerely believe that we will always be dependent upon HVAC units. Imagine what it would mean if we lived in a society that did not have HVAC units. In order to imagine this society, I want you to put your mind into a dystopian mindset. A life without HVAC units would not mean a miserable life without any type of conditioning at all. Instead, it would mean that our society had found a way to keep the temperatures perfectly cool without any need for an HVAC unit. Although this might seem like heaven to you, I want to assure you that you would probably not like having a controlled climate like this. First of all, do we really think that the government will do a good job handling the climate for the nation? I want you to consider what the roads look like, and then I want you to tell me that it is a good idea to get rid of HVAC units. Surely, you don’t actually think that this is a good idea. Furthermore, what do you think would happen to the climate and the food if we did this. Crops and foods depend on seasons and different climates, and if we simply got rid of them, we would lose a huge amount of variety and food supply. Surely, you wouldn’t want to give up food in order to not have a personal HVAC unit. I think that HVAC units will always be in our future. Even if we find a way to make them simpler and more effective, HVAC units are definitely our reality.



a/c representative