The smart home was wonderful

My wife plus I chose to go to the fair a couple of months ago.

It honestly was a breezy day plus the sunshine was shining rather brightly.

It was the most suitable day for an outdoor event. My wife plus I had not planned to go to the fair at all that year, however the weather on that day plus our lack of other plans brought us to that very location. My wife plus I enjoyed some of our favorite fair foods like chips, caramel apples, plus kettle corn. We easily played a couple of games plus even won a sizable stuffed creature that looked like Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer. While we were there, my wife filled out an entry form to win a weekend stay at a vacation residence on the beach! The vacation home was a site set up by an energy management service. The energy management service boasted of the vacation home being a Smart House. The smart home includes advanced temperature control system equipment for the heat plus the a/c, lighting controls, security features, plus voice-activated control of the system. The smart residence is basically meant to make people have the desire to contact the supplier to set up an appointment for an energy management service installation in their residence. I thought it was a stunt plus I did not want my wife to fill out an entry form. I thought they would call our residence every day for months. When the supplier contacted my wife, I did not expect she was going to be the winner. I was quite taken aback when I found out that we were going to enjoy a stay at the vacation beach residence.

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