The search engine brought us five new clients last week

When my wife and I started regularly advertising our HVAC business, we started asking customers where they heard about us when they called for an appointment. This was helpful when determining which advertising was working. If a bulk of the clients were calling because they heard about us from the magazine, then I knew that the advertisement was working well. My wife and I mainly focused on magazine and print advertising until five years ago, when we met a very interesting person at the club. We started talking about our HVAC business and the woman told us that she was a web designer. She asked the two of us if we had a website for our business. At that time, we did not. Neither one of us really knew much about the internet and we were doing just fine with the other ways that we were advertising our business. Besides, we lived in a small community and advertising online doesn’t seem to be important. The woman got our information and we exchanged phone numbers. A couple of days later, she called us and wanted to get together for dinner. We had a good conversation and a lot of laughs. Halfway through the meal, she brought up advertising for the HVAC business. She wanted to make us a free website to help with advertising. Both of us were hesitant until she insisted it would only take a couple of days. It’s been a month since we had the website online and last week the search engine brought us five new clients. I think it’s easy to see that the website will absolutely help our small business.



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