I’ll ask my AC professional pal if her surgery was successful

I popped my shoulder out of the socket earlier today after hitting a volleyball in a game and it’s quite painful.

My body is falling apart from many years of playing ball, but at least my a/c unit is still strong.

It’s summertime which makes it so hot out and I’m going to be stuck inside because I now can’t drive my car with this hurt right shoulder. It really sucks having an injury, especially when you can’t play a game you love so much anymore. My AC professional pal is coming by later to hang out because I told her about my shoulder earlier and she knows how it feels. I don’t want to stop playing volleyball and I’m not sure what else there is to do if it comes to that. I know I could get back into working in the a/c business to earn a living like before, but volleyball is the only thing I love. I was even supposed to be coaching a beach volleyball class this warm season but I’m not sure my shoulder can handle it. Maybe I could get surgery on it. I’ll ask my Heating as well as Air Conditioning professional pal if her surgery was helpful because I know she had it operated on 2 years back and still plays now and then. It seems like those who I started playing with a long time ago have quit playing, and I might be next.


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