Dressing rooms

Have you ever noticed that the dressing rooms in department stores to try on clothes are rather stuffy a lot of the time? It is like they could use some extra air conditioning alone with some air purification to be honest. I do not know why this is since the dressing rooms are rather opened and ventilated to a certain extent. But it is something I have always noticed. It is also one of the reason I do not shop for clothing in person anymore in the summer time months of the year. It is hot out as it is, and the air conditioning in the department stores can range from good to bad, so I do not want to deal with a stuffy dressing room in the event it happens to be a day in the department store when the central air conditioning system is not doing its job very well. Heating and air conditioning systems in department stores and other places of retail business can really be all over the place in terms of how good they work. From what i’ve seen, if they have a commercial heating and air conditioning system they usually work better. If they just have regular central heating and cooling it varies based on how often the doors to the store are open and closed and how often people are coming and going. But back to the dressing rooms in these places, I really think they should do something to have air vents placed within or above each and every dressing room for better air flow from the central heating and air conditioning!

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