Twice in two months

I had to do something quite out of the ordinary the last few months.

And that was to get the ductwork to my central heating and air conditioning system cleaned 2 months in a row! This was a very odd thing.

I had got the ductwork cleaned like regular, but then just the next month I was having air flow issues with my central heat and a/c unit once again and did not know why. I had called the local heating and air conditioning company to have them send out one of their very certified heat and a/c specialists to check my central heating and air conditioning system. And what they found was that the ductwork was clogged up once again. The reason it had happened again just a month later is because the previous ductwork cleaning I had should have been deep cleaned instead of a regular clean. There are 2 types of ductwork cleaning. I did not know about this. I should have asked. But now that I know, in the future I will have the heating and air conditioning specialist check out the ductwork to my central heat and a/c system before they do a ductwork cleaning so I know if I need a deep clean or just a basic regular ductwork cleaning. The next for this will probably and hopefully not be for another 6 months at least. One can only hope! Now that I had the deep ductwork cleaning done, I should be ok and back on track.


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