Heated flooring for my cat

I love having a cat.

There was a stray cat that frequently came to my home and visited me.

He started out just begging for food and pets. Then he started running into my home and sleeping on my beds. Then I began treating him for fleas, buying him special cat bowls and gave him a name. I moved an hour into the country and officially adopted the cat. He is mine now and I just love him to death. Since I am single without children, he is my baby. Anything my cat wants he gets. He has three different cat scratch posts, a lounger, cat tree and tons of toys. He gets purified water, high quality cat food and top of the line cat litter. What people find weird is that I changed my HVAC system for my cat. In fairness I didn’t like the central HVAC system either. I also never used the AC function with it. Finally, I wanted to redo my flooring america. I ripped up all my old tile and replaced it with a thin, lightweight carpet. Before I laid the carpet down I put in electric heated mats. I now use heated flooring in my home. My cat just loves it. He likes carpet way better than tile and he also loves the heated flooring. The central HVAC used to click on and scare my cat. While it operated it made a bnaging noise that irritated him. The heated flooring system is totally silent so my cat can sleep as long as he wants.


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