Stinky air quality when I cook

I love cooking and experimenting with different recipes.

  • Every birthday and holiday people get me cookbooks, spices and flavored oils.

I love trying new cuisines and introducing new flavors into my diet. A favorite night in my household is seafood night. There is a local guy that gets the seafood fresh. We have salmon that I drizzle with flavored oil and seasoning on. I then have scallops and shrimp that I fry in a pan. I use butter, lemon, garlic, parmesan cheese and a flavored oil. I then top it off with couscous and some kind of vegetable. My husband purrs for that meal. The only downside is the odor of that meal. The smell of the seafood lingers in the house. Since we have central air conditioning that odor is pushed from room to room through the ductwork. The seafood smell lingers for at least two days. I have tried washing the floors, spraying the house and lighting a candle. The smell sticks around. It happens with other stronger smelling dishes too. I have been debating on getting an air purifier and hooking it to my HVAC equipment. As the AC operates and moves the air, the air purifier would clean it. The odors would be removed in every room in the house. I cook enough that I feel this is a worthwhile investment. If I don’t do some type of air cleaner I need to get used to the stinky smell or not run the air conditioner while I cook. I am not happy with either of those options though.


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