Cat flap does let in a lot of air

My husband and I have a cat and he is so spoiled.

He gets the best quality cat food, litter and toys.

He has an extensive cat tree in our living room and three different scratch posts. I also dole out treats to him throughout the day. He is a bit round and super sassy because of all the spoiling. My cat is a big time outdoor cat. He basically wants to hang around outside all day long and then occasionally pop in for food breaks. Sometimes in the evening he will curl up on the couch with us. Most of the time he prefers the outdoors. To help him come in and out at will my husband created a cat door in a window. It is an insert with a hinge and flap. My cat can just fit through his little hole. The only downside is that the insert can’t be totally airtight. There is an opening around the hinge and if the flap isn’t totally shut properly. That means our HVAC energy bills aren’t very good. In the wintertime if you go near the cat door you can feel cold air leaking in. In the summertime the living room feels warmer since the AC isn’t as effective there. My husband is upset about the high energy bills. We can’t take the cat door away from him though. Our kitty loves it too much. I am willing to pay more in heating and cooling so that my cat can come and go in comfort. Maybe someday we can do a door in one of our actual doorways.

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